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what permissions do i require to use a song in my project?

You must obtain two separate permissions, one from the owner of the Master Recording of the work (the Record Label) and one from the owner of the Musical Work written by the Songwriter (the Publisher).

In some cases Warp Records and Warp Publishing collectively control both the Master Recording and Publishing rights and will be able to clear both sets of rights (‘both sides’) in one go. To discuss this further please use the 'Request License' form above.

my project is not-for-profit / 
does not have a budget–can i license a track for free?

We do not grant fee-free licenses.


There are a number of factors we consider when formalising a quote for you, subject to obtaining approval from the Artist/Composer. These include:

The popularity of the Song and the popularity of the Artist

The scale and nature of the production (feature film, videogame, trailer, commercial, short film, corporate video etc)

The term for the music licence (i.e. how long you would like to use the music for on your project)

If you have any other questions please get in touch via