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Sasu Ripatti's work as Vladislav Delay has subtly guided a generation of experimentally-minded producers into wildly psychedelic musical climates. There's basically nobody else doing it quite like this.

Sasu Ripatti has been working in music and sound design since the mid 90s, primarily associated with ambient and experimental music but well versed in jazz, classical and even metal. His productions explore various genres and boundary-pushing collaborations have been integral to his career, whether with modern classical composer Craig Armstrong, Jamaican rhythm section Sly & Robbie or Finnish-Ethiopian singer Mirel Wagner (with whom he won the 2014 Nordic Music Prize). Working as a solo recording artist, notable projects include Vladislav Delay and Luomo, the latter scoring a 9.7 as one of Pitchfork’s highest ever rated long players. His is a workflow concerned with reinventing itself, a challenge to continually create something new and not tread old ground.

selected releases:

Rakka II, Self-Released (2021)

Rakka, Cosmo Rhythmatic (2020)

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Vladislav Delay
Rakka II